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Recovery is available for everyone!

Embrace the message in the NA group readings, information pamphlets, booklets, texts, and workbooks.

Written by members, our literature offers identification and a message of hope to the still-suffering addict. Recovery literature is an invaluable source of help for members, potential members, and those who want to help addicts.

The NA program is a way of life based in the Twelve Steps. The steps offer members an avenue for growth and change to maintain their recovery. We learn how to apply these steps to our lives by reading NA literature and going to meetings.

The collective experience of NA members can be heard in our literature, illustrating how we live life on life’s terms. Over the years NA has changed, our literature has expanded and been revised, but the message remains the same: An addict, any addict, can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live.

One of our books, Just for Today, is a daily rumination on recovery in the Narcotics Anonymous program. There is one reading for each day of the year! Check it out below, see if it speaks to you!

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Group Readings

These readings are typically read aloud at many of our 68,000 weekly meetings held worldwide, every day of the year, weekends and holidays too! They answer some of the basic propositions of the Narcotics Anonymous program.

What is the NA Program

Why are We Here?

Who is an Addict?

How It Works

Twelve Traditions

We Do Recover

Just for Today


Basic Text

The Basic Text is the central component of our literature collection. It is available in over 45 languages with many more translations in process. Check it out in English below.

It Works: How and Why

Living Clean

White Booklet

This booklet is an introduction to the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. It is written for those men and women who, like ourselves, suffer from a seemingly hopeless addiction to drugs. There is no cure for addiction, but recovery is possible by a program of simple spiritual principles. This booklet is not meant to be comprehensive, but it contains the essentials that in our personal and group experience we know to be necessary for recovery.

Just for Today

The Just for Today Daily Meditations book has readings about recovery in Narcotics Anonymous for every day of the year. Check it out below!

Step Working Guide

The Narcotics Anonymous Step Working Guide is a useful tool for working through the 12-Steps with the help of a sponsor! Check it out below!

Informational Pamphlets

The Narcotics Anonymous Information Pamphlets are short pamphlets that elucidate different aspects of recovery in Narcotics Anonymous. Often you can find physical copies at home groups worldwide! Take what you want and leave the rest!

IP 1 | Who, What, How, and Why

IP 2 | The Group

IP 6 | Recovery & Relapse

IP 7 | Am I an Addict?

IP 8 | Just for Today

IP 9 | Living the Program

IP 11 | Sponsorship

IP 12 | The Triangle of Self-Obsession

IP 13 | By Young Addicts…

IP 14 | One Addict’s Experience…

IP 15 | PI and the NA Member

IP 16 | For the Newcomer

IP 17 | For Those in Treatment

IP 19 | Self-Acceptance

IP 20 | H&I Service & the NA Member

IP 21 | The Loner- Staying Clean in Isolation

IP 22 | Welcome to NA

IP 23 | Staying Clean on the Outside

IP 24 | Money Matters- Self-Support in NA

IP 26 | Accessibility for Those with Additional Needs

IP 27 | For the Parents…

IP 28 | Funding NA Services

IP 29 | Introduction to NA Meetings


World Service Bulletins

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