Area Policies



1. In all matters not clarified by the current edition of GTLS or Area Guidelines, Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail as long as they are not inconsistent with the 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous and the 12 Concepts of N.A. Service.

2. All motions must be seconded by a GSR, GSR Alternate, or in the absence of GSR, a Group Representative and shall be submitted to the ASC in writing or the motion dies.

3. All motions affecting Area Policy shall be clearly identified as such in the Area Minutes and the “changes to policy” nature of the motion be drawn to the attention of the Secretary and the GSRs before a vote is taken.

4. A separate log of all policy decisions shall be kept by the Area Chairperson and all Area Officers.

5. C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. will be a member Area of TSRCNA.

6. Business can be conducted at the ASC with a quorum of 25% or more voting members present at the meeting.

7. The abbreviations M/S/F, M/S/C, or M/S/T are to be used in the minutes instead of names to indicate motion status.

8. The ASC meeting will be held the first Saturday of every month at 10:00 am.

     8a. The regular ASC meeting date is subject to change when it conflicts with a holiday or major N.A. function.   

     8b. The Area’s members will agree upon the new date.

     8c. In the event that the ASC meeting is cancelled due to inclement weather, that it be postponed until the following Saturday instead of cancelled to the following month. And in the event that this happens on two (2) consecutive weeks, the P & A committee will get together as soon as possible to do business (pay bills).

9. Any new meeting in the area desiring to join our Area, must be submitted to the ASC, in writing, as soon as possible.

10. Area will donate to new groups starting in our Area a starter kit consisting of 6 readings, 5 of each literature I.P. available, I copy of the 12 Concepts of N.A. Service, 1 “The Group” booklet and a copy of the Policy and Guidelines. Substitutions of equal value are permitted. The total cost of these substitutions shall not exceed the cost of the original starter kit.

11. When a Trusted Servant or Chairperson (excluding Treasurer) cannot be present for an ASC meeting that Trusted Servant is responsible for making arrangements to have another member fill in so business may still be conducted and/or report given.  

      11 a. The Treasurer must have the Area Chair or Area Vice-Chair substitute for them in case of their absence.

12. Area Trusted Servants and Subcommittee Chairs cannot miss two (2) consecutive service meetings that their position dictates that they attend or they will relinquish their position. Two (2) meetings held on the same day counts as one (1) meeting.


13a. Revisions will be done as needed.

     13b. PI will print copies of meetings lists. They will be available to each group as they are needed.


      14a. Area Trusted Servants will be elected in March to work with the outgoing Trusted Servants and take office in April.     

14b. Subcommittee Chairs are to be elected in April to take office in May unless otherwise noted.     

      14c. The 12-Step Unity Weekend Chair will be elected two (2) months following the Unity Weekend.

15. Area will hold a special election in January to elect a BOD Representative.

16. The ASC will use a standing committee format for P & A. The standing committee will consist of the P & A Chair, Area Chair, Vice-Chair, RCM, RCM Alt., Area Secretary and Area Treasurer. The standing committee will be the only voting members.

17. A quarterly inventory of the literature stockpile will be taken for quality control.


1. All financial business of the groups pertaining to Area funds (i.e. literature orders, donations, reimbursements for expenses, etc.) shall be conducted at regularly scheduled meetings of C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. only.

2. A maximum of $40.00 for travel expenses is allocated for Area Subcommittee Chairs, Area Trusted Servants and Regional Trusted Servants to respective meetings and/or workshops. Funds may be advanced with presentation of the dated receipt(s) to the Area Treasurer. Any difference of expenditures will be reconciled. Any amounts in excess of $40.00 must have Area approval.

3. H & I and PI Subcommittees will be provided with a stipend of no more than $25.00 per month. This does not include literature or travel expense.

4. The C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. Treasurer is to have a regular income.

5. All financial transactions to the Area from groups shall be in the form of a check or money order. Only the Treasurer will stamp all checks for deposit.

6. Area will purchase numbered receipt books and will maintain a checking account with a required minimum of two (2) signatures, one signature to be a Trusted Servant other than the Area Treasurer.

7. A donation will be made each month to NAWS and TSRSCNA in the amount of $25.00 each when we are at least $50.00 over our Prudent Reserve of $700.00.


     8a. Prudent Reserve is monies set aside after all expenses for the month have been paid. Our Prudent Reserve shall be set aside for emergency expenses. The amount shall be $300.00.     

     8b. Activities Reserve of $400.00 to be held in the C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. account to facilitate all activities, workshops and particularly to provide seed money for the Unity Weekend for the coming year.      

      8c. The literature stockpile shall be maintained with the dollar value of $1,000.00 with the value assessed at current WSO prices. Literature purchase shall be the total value of the amount of literature sold so that inventory will not fall below $1,000.00.

9. Area will provide funding for all Subcommittee workshops subject to approval by the ASC.

10. The travel expense policy for our Area will be reviewed by the Area annually at the May ASC.

11. All persons handling money at any C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. function will have a minimum of one-year clean time, a regular income and one-year continuous service at their home group.

12. No Group Treasurer is to serve on the Audit Committee. No Group Treasurer may be a Treasurer for any Area activity, nor may any member of the Audit Committee be a Treasurer for any activity.

13. All expenditures made by any Area Trusted Servant, by any Area Subcommittee Chairperson, by any Subcommittee member or by any designee of these, that are turned in for reimbursement from Area must be accompanied by a cash register receipt or other type of written receipt. Any exceptions must be approved by the ASC.

14. Audit Chair and Area Treasurer are not to be Treasurer on any Activity Committee.

15. Audit Chair is not to hold a Group Treasurer’s position.

16. Each Activity Committee will decide whether to accept personal checks. ASC will not accept funds from Activity Committees that are short of what it is to have due to any bad checks. Any committee accepting checks will be held responsible for the missing money.

17. Two (2) people will audit the books.


     1a. The Area’s body should ask itself if it adhered to all of its accounting pro-procedures and safeguards.

     1b. An audit by two (2) members will be performed.

     1c. The individual(s) can be removed from their position.

     1d. The Trusted Servants can schedule a meeting with the individual(s) making sure they are informed of the meeting and that they are allowed to state their point of view.

     1e. If the individual(s) admit to the theft and set up a restitution agreement of regularly scheduled payments, consider drafting a document and having it notarized.

     1f. Inform the individual(s) if this agreement is not adhered to, the ASC may take legal action based on the signed and notarized restitution agreement.

      1g. A report about the situation can be published and regular reports can be published until the agreement is satisfied.

     2a. In the event that the individual(s) do not respond to the request of a meeting with them after the audit is performed, the Area body can send a registered letter stating that an audit of financial records has been performed and that the facts show that the individual(s) are responsible for the missing money, that repayment is expected and what the consequences will be if the individual(s) do not respond to the letter. Copies of the letter should be placed in a safe place for further reference.

     2b. In the event that there is no response to the letter, that repayment is refused or the person disappears, it may be appropriate to take legal action. It is strongly suggested that the decision to prosecute is thoroughly explored
before going ahead, using Area, Regional and World Services as resources.


1. C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. minutes from the previous ASC meeting will not be read at the current ASC meeting. If any errors exist, they will be dealt with as needed.

2. The Area Secretary will have the minutes and agenda to the Area Chairperson for proofreading no later than 10 days after the ASC meeting. Copying and distribution responsibilities are assumed by the Area Chairperson or by a designated Area Trusted Servant. Minutes and agendas will be copied and distributed no later than 10 days prior to the next ASC meeting.

3. Area minutes will be provided to Region in order to keep lines of communication open. Mailing shall be the responsibility of the Secretary or person designated by the Area Chair.


1. All functions planned by the Area are to be scheduled at least three (3) months in advance of the function, whenever possible.

2. All Area functions requiring Area Funds will have a Treasurer on the Activities Committee who will be held responsible to the ASC for the proper accounting of funds. A budget will be provided for Area voting members for their approval.

3. No gambling of any kind will be held at any Area function.

4. TSRCNA activity flyers will be distributed at each ASC meeting.

5. C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. will plan, execute and finance three (3) functions per calendar year, one of which will be a Trusted Servants Learning Day to be held prior to Area elections. The second will be the 12-Step Unity Weekend to be held falling between the June 1st –August 31st time frame. The third will be the free annual C.W.P.A.S.C.N.A. Family Day Picnic and Workshop.

     5a. The planning, including budget and execution of Trusted Servants Learning Day and the Family Picnic and Workshop, shall be the Responsibility of the Activities Chair.

     5b. The planning, including the budget and execution of the 12-Step Unity Weekend, shall be the responsibility of the 12-Step Unity Weekend Chair and Committee.

     5c. In the event that the Activities Chair and/or the 12-Step Unity
Weekend Chair positions are vacant at the time prudent for
Planning these activities, the responsibility becomes that of the
Area Vice-Chair, as is current policy.

     5d. The budget for each of these functions is to be submitted and
Approved by Area.

Revision Dates:
August 1998 Policy A6; A18
September 1998 Policy A12; A16
October 1998 Policy B13 – new policy
November 1998 – updated to reflect changes not recorded from 1995/96
May 2001 – updated to reflect changes through May 20, 2001
December 2001 – updated to reflect changes through this date
May 2002
April 2003
September 2004
April 2006 – updated to reflect changes through this date
April 2007 – updated to reflect changes made from 4/06 – 4/07
April 2008 – updated to reflect changes made from 4/07 – 4/08
July 2009 Policy A10; B8
April 2010 – updated to reflect changes made from 4/09 – 4/10; A18 removed; B7
Donation manner change
August 2011 – added Standard Policy 8C; changed Financial Policy 2
March 2012 – updated Financial Policy 7
June 2015 – updated Standard Policy 8, 8C – change of wording; Meeting Schedule
Policy 13B – change of wording; Area Elections 14 – changed D to C;
Financial Policy B8 C – change of wording; Minutes C3 – removed; changed
C4 to C3 – change of wording; Activities D3 – change of wording

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