Activities Guidelines

Printable CWPASCNA Activities Guidelines

Guidelines for the Activities Subcommittee of CWPASCNA

I. Definition and Purpose of the Subcommittee:
The CWPASCNA Activities Subcommittee (hereafter referred to as the Subcommittee) is a volunteer group of the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous, which is dedicated to providing the CWPASCNA Area with recovery-oriented events, activities, and merchandise. All funds generated through the Subcommittee belong to CWPASCNA.

As a Subcommittee of the Central Western Pennsylvania Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous (CWPASCNA), we shall maintain effective communication and cooperation with CWPASCNA. Subcommittee meetings are open to all members of the NA Fellowship.

In all its proceedings this Subcommittee shall adhere to The Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of Service of NA and the resources of A Guide to Local Services.

II. Functions of the Subcommittee:
A) Holds regularly scheduled monthly meetings (bi-monthly as the Subcommittee sees fit).
B) Communicates and disburses all information to and from volunteers.
C) Distributes Activities flyers to all groups via CWPASCNA meetings.
D) Provides representation and participation in the CWPASCNA.
E) Coordinates the development of new events at the area level.
F) Assists, if possible, other NA service bodies upon their request.
G) Elects and/or appoints members to fulfill the needs of the Subcommittee.
H) Provides functions for the fellowship to have fun at.
I) Carries the NA message to the addict who still suffers.
J) Maintains an archive of all minutes.

III. Structure of elected positions:
The elected positions of the Subcommittee shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer. All positions, with the exception of the Chairperson, who is elected by CWPASCNA, are elected by the Subcommittee.

If an elected committee member becomes unable to discharge the duties of that position, a successor shall be named by the Chairperson and approved by the Subcommittee at the next business meeting. Should the Chairperson be unable to discharge the duties of that position, the Vice-Chairperson will automatically assume the position of the chairperson until the next CWPASCNA meeting where a new Chairperson will be elected or appointed. All vacant positions are to be open one month prior to elections.

IV. Definition of a Member of the Subcommittee
A. A member is defined as an NA Member who is present at the Subcommittee’s meeting and identifies himself or herself as a member of the Subcommittee.
B. A Subcommittee member becomes a voting member after attending two consecutive Subcommittee meetings.

V. Qualifications and Duties of Elected Committee Members:
A. Chairperson: Elected by CWPASCNA and shall fulfill the CWPASCNA requirements of a Subcommittee Chairperson. Suggested clean time requirement of one year. These responsibilities include:
1. Attends and provides written reports of all monthly activities at each CWPASCNA meeting.
2. Announces and holds regularly scheduled Subcommittee meetings.
3. Prepares an agenda for and maintains order at each meeting.
4. Submits quarterly budgets for approval to CWPASCNA, one quarter in advance.
5. Elects or appoints other committee members as necessary.
6. Channels all funds from any event to the Treasurer of CWPASCNA by the next CWPASCNA meeting.
7. Prints and copies fliers, etc.
B. Vice-Chairperson: elected by the Subcommittee. Suggested clean time requirement of one year. Responsibilities to the Subcommittee include:
1. Assumes the duties of Chairperson in the case of Chairperson’s absence.
2. If the office of Chairperson should become vacant, the Vice-Chairperson assumes the duties until a Chairperson is elected or appointed by CWPASCNA.
3. Works closely with the Chairperson to become familiar with all aspects of the Chairperson’s responsibilities.
4. Responds to all inquiries of members relating to policy and procedure.
5. Attends individual group consciences where applicable and appropriate (i.e. when a group will be hosting an event).
C. Secretary: Suggested clean time requirement of six months. Responsibilities to the Subcommittee include:
1. Records minutes of all meetings of the Subcommittee and maintain archives of prior meeting minutes and related materials.
2. Copies and distributes minutes from Subcommittee meetings.
3. Keeps current records of all Subcommittee members including addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
4. Keeps records of all venues used for events: to include rules and regulations, price, and contact information.
D. Treasurer: Suggested clean time requirement of six months. Responsibilities to the Subcommittee include:
1. Maintaining a simple set of accounting books for the Subcommittee.
2. Reconciles the balance sheet of funds for each event.

VI. Voting Participants and Procedures
A. Those addicts who have been defined as members of this Subcommittee are eligible to vote on matters concerning Activities work within CWPASCNA provided they have attended two consecutive meetings.
B. Voting members absent from two or more consecutive meetings will no longer carry voting rights until the required attendance of two consecutive meetings have been fulfilled again, whereas voting rights can at that time be reestablished.
C. Only voting members are eligible to be elected into trusted servant positions on the Subcommittee (i.e. Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer).
D. All voting matters shall be decided by a simple majority.

VII. Management of Funds
A. Two Subcommittee members shall count all funds acquired at any Activities Subcommittee function/event – at least one being an elected member.
B. A receipt must accompany all expenditures.
C. All funds shall be forwarded to the Treasurer of CWPASCNA by the next CWPASCNA meeting.
D. An itemized accounting statement for all functions/events shall be provided for review at each CWPASCNA monthly meeting.

VIII. Flyers
A. All flyers must be reviewed and approved by the Subcommittee prior to distribution.

Updated May 10, 2015

Approved by Consensus 11/7/04

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