Our Meetings

We have meetings every day of the week in the Conneaut Lake, Cochranton, Franklin, Meadville, Jamestown, Linesville, Oil City and Titusville Communities.

Click on meeting location pictures under the individual weeknights in the menu above to connect to Google Maps driving directions!

Meeting Legend

  • AB         Ask It Basket
  • BT         Basic Text Study
  • C            Closed- Addicts Only
  • D            Discussion
  • HCP      Handicapped Accessible
  • LIT         Literature Study
  • NS         Non-Smoking
  • O           Open- Everyone Welcome
  • S            Speaker Meeting
  • TS         Topic Speaker
  • x            Times Per Month
  • SWG     Step Working Guide
  • 12&12  Steps and Traditions
  • WHY      It Works How and Why Study
  • V            Varied Format
  • VF          Vape Friendly
  • WO        Women Only
  • MO         Men Only

Want to print a copy to take with you or pass on? Click below for the current meeting list!